Southern Marsh Orchids

Southern Marsh Orchids

Friday, 15 January 2016

fungi things in Creigiau woods

Out walking in a very wet Creigiau woods and quickly discovered that nothing else was stupid enough to be venturing out in the pouring rain - the sky was clear when I left the house! - but the colourful patches on the trees and rotting wood caught my eye. I know very little about fungi so have no idea what they are, but some were colourful and others were just odd. They may not even be fungi.

Like this jelly-like stuff - only seen on a single tree by the side of the path.

or these odd patches of colour

Is this one a 'beefsteak fungus'?

This little patch was tucked under a log, almost as though sheltering from the bad weather,

and there were lots of these slimy, shell-like brackets.

Finally, as I was leaving the woods, I saw a log that was completely covered with these

An enjoyable outing .... even though I didn't a single name to go with anything that I'd snapped pictures of!


  1. The clear jelly bracket on sallow is Exidia recisa; nice and plumped up at the moment, due to all the rain, but if we get a few days of dry weather, it will shrink away until it looks like just a dab of dark varnish on the sallow twig.
    Not sure about the pale patch on that trunk, but the pale grey lichen, with the squiggly black lines (Apothecia) there are a number, but search under Graphina or Graphis.

  2. Thanks Mark.

    The description on First Nature for the Exidia recisa almost exactly describes what I saw - amber jelly glowing in a rare beam of sunlight at head height.

    I looked up the Apothecia on British Lichens and the 'number' is big ! Best fit that I could find was Graphis scripta - the others looked a bit more 'joined-up'.

  3. I think you may have to remove a bit of it, so that you can look at a cross section of the apothecia to be sure. I found them a bit difficult, but then, a lot of things are a bit difficult, I find.

  4. It's not just me then .......

    I had logged it as Apothecia possibly Graphis .... but something to look out for on future walks in the woods.