Southern Marsh Orchids

Southern Marsh Orchids

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

unidentified dead bugs

Found these two bugs, dead, whilst cleaning the moth trap. They look reasonably fresh so I don't think they have been there long. Help with identification would be most appreciated.

The background grid is 2mm so they are both quite small and they have wings much longer than their bodies. The head of the first suggests a 'hopper' of some variety but as yet I haven't found a match.

and the second has wings with a very distinct vein pattern which are more than twice the body length.


  1. Hi Howard, the fist is another of those tricky Zygina sp. that you posted a month ago. Likely to be flammigera, but if you want to be certain, then send it down to me and i'll pass it on to Mike Wilson at the Museum.
    I can't tell if the other insect is an aphid or a booklouse (Psocoptera) - tough groups with very few experts!

  2. Having said that I'm going to take a punt on Valenzuela flavidus

    1. And Keith Alexander, who runs the Barkfly recording scheme agrees with Valenzuela flavidus.

  3. Thanks Dave.
    I will just log the first as Zygina sp. For the second, I looked up Psocoptera and found the Barkfly website - and with the yellow abdomen and the vein pattern I came to the same conclusion.