Southern Marsh Orchids

Southern Marsh Orchids

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Bryngarw Caddisflies

One of the problems with trying to identify caddisflies from the moth trap is that the good caddis nights tend to coincide with the good moth nights, and when the moths are numerous the caddis then tend to get forgotten. I managed to identify most of the caddis caught in the garden trap up until May this year, but since then I've only retained distinctive-looking species and let the rest go.

The Moth Night event at Bryngarw Country Park turned out to be a bit of a slow moth night so I collected a couple of caddis, shown in the photos below.

Odontocerum albicorne
 The notches on the antennal segments of Odontocerum are distinctive (click on photo to enlarge).
Lepidostoma hirtum
The first antennal segment of Lepidostoma is long and hairy. There are two species in the UK but hirtum is the commoner of the two.

Both Odontocerum and Lepidostoma occur in stony rivers and streams. My traps were placed close to the Afon Garw so their presence at the site is not entirely surprising.


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