Southern Marsh Orchids

Southern Marsh Orchids

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Campopleginae sp - ichneumonidae

Going through my records for July last year, I found some images of an 'anon' ichneumon wasp which I put on the UK Bees Wasps Ants Group on Facebook. Jaswinder Boparai ID'd this as a male Campopleginae sp and this was confirmed by Gavin Broad.

I can find no records of this on Aderyn, and there are very few on the NBN Gateway. Maybe this is because there are other specifically named records that are not picked up with a generic search.

Looking further back I found images for two separate days in July 2015 of female Campopleginae sp, again confirmed by Jaswinder so I shall be looking out for one in July this year.

EDIT: I have now found some records, but again not many, for Campoplex sp on NBN. This shows none in Wales, although Aderyn shows one record on Gower in 1925 for Campoplex faunus.


  1. Howard,
    The main problem in recording these is the difficulty in identification, and the lack of recorders prepared to attempt it - so good luck on your quest, as it would be nice to get some determined records for this tricky group.

    1. hi Dave.
      I've just about taken this as far as I can at the moment. Gavin Broad had confirmed the ID as being subfamily Campopleginae and that's what I have entered on SEWBReCord. I have, as yet, only entered the record for July 2016, but I will enter the two records from July 2015. Hopefully, whoever verifies for iRecord will confirm the subfamily.

      I suppose the next step will be to look out for another one in the summer. I'll try to catch it and maybe see if Jaswinder Boparai (NHM) would be willing to take a look. Nothing to lose ....