Southern Marsh Orchids

Southern Marsh Orchids

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

wasps and Tachinids (?)

One of the neighbours commented recently that he hadn't seen any wasps in the garden this summer - that, of course was the 'kiss of death' as each moth trap since that conversation has contained at least three/four wasps! Both Common and German wasps have made an appearance - fortunately they seem to be very dopey early in the morning so are relatively easy to  'eyeball' to tell them apart.

German Wasp

Common Wasp

I spotted some new visitors to the garden this afternoon - I think they were Tachinid flies, but I don't know which one. Quite large feeding on Shasta Daisy.

Tachinid Fly


  1. Definitely tachinids with those long bristles at the rear end, but not sure which species. Tachina fera is similar but I don't think it's this.

  2. Thanks for the Tachinid confirmation George. One has become a regular visitor to the flower beds and I've managed to take some more pics. I think it may be Nowickia ferox - lots of images of this on-line and it looks quite a good match.