Southern Marsh Orchids

Southern Marsh Orchids

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Tap and Click

I finished work early, so went to the nearby Tir Mawr y Dderi Hir SSSI to check on something. I didn't have long and having done what I went for, I took a few grab shots of various beetles, moths and a lacehopper.

First of all the lacehopper. I think this may be Tachycixius pilosus. If so, it is a common species. It was particularly breezy where it was, so unfortunately, all the photos I took have some degree of blurring on them.

I'm on firmer ground with this moth: Ancylis badiana.

And this one: Nettle Tap (Anthophila fabriciana)

This click beetle was one of two I found on honesuckle leaves. No idea what it is.

A shy beetle, tucked into a deep fold in a hogweed leaf.

And to finish, a pair of copulating click beetles in an interesting pose beneath a leaf of Hedge Garlic.


  1. I think that looks good for T. pilosus - it's the only species of that group I ever seem to see.

    For the soldier beetle, you could try this simple key:

    Click beetles are more tricky though!

    1. Thanks George. Beetles as a whole are a nightmare and I for one seldom hold much hope of ever identifying any I photograph.

  2. I've had pretty good success with the cantharids...but I agree, many of the others end up being microscope jobs.