Southern Marsh Orchids

Southern Marsh Orchids

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Garden invaders

Answering a call to a friend's garden in Creigiau I found two invasive species that were attacking her plants - a berberis bush had been defoliated overnight and on inspection I found what was left was covered with the larvae of Berberis Sawfly. A second bush was also infected but we managed to get most of them off and later sprayed the plant in hope of keeping them at bay.

Whilst the larvae squashing was taking place, I noticed a colourful looking beastie on a stem of lavender - Rosemary Beetle! Apparently this is again an invasive species that is causing damage to rosemary, lavender, sage and other similar crops.

RHS reckon that both species arrived in the SE of England in the late 1990s and have been spreading out ever since. Our friend is not a happy bunny !

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