Southern Marsh Orchids

Southern Marsh Orchids

Thursday 23 October 2014

Zygina leafhopper ?

Found this flitting around at the bottom of the garden. Only 3mm long but obviously showing some colour to the naked eye so I managed to get it into a pot. Too lively to open the pot and unfortunately it didn't survive being placed in the fridge but I did manage to get a couple of shots through the sides - note to self: must clean the bug pots! The grid, placed under the pot, is 2mm.

Obviously a 'hopper' of some sort with a distinct orange/red pattern and after trawling through the British Bugs gallery I think its a leafhopper and probably Zygina flammigera. I would appreciate confirmation or correction.




  1. I'm not sure we have any hopper experts on here. You could try emailing the British Bugs people via their address on the website - they usually reply quickly to queries.


  2. I think you may be right - I've emailed the organiser of the recording scheme to see what he says.

  3. Alan Stewart's reply:
    Z. flammigera is the commonest of the Zygina species and very widespread, so it's a fair bet although it's a tricky genus. Certainly looks like it.
    Best wishes,

  4. Thanks to all.

    That will do for me. I have seen a few hoppers this year and that's the first that I have managed to ID.